Little Dede Got Peppermints So Everyone Is Occupied

…Logical, Deterministic, General, Parsimonius, Specific, Empirically verifiable, Intersubjective, Open to modifications…

“Little Dede Got Peppermints So Everyone Is Occupied,” has a nice ring to it don’t you think? This is what I came up with to help to remember the Nature of Science.

The above catchy sentence would be easy for me to recall during a test because I am a nanny. I work with kids and the easiest way to quiet a child is to give them a peppermint or some other form of food. This is something I learned from my grandmother who used to give me and my cousins peppermints while at church so that we would be still. When I am not thinking about school, I am thinking about work. This sentence would come very naturally to my memory even during times of high stress like a test.
Litte Dede got peppermints so everyone is occupied. Makes perfect sense to me.
Tiffany Lempesis

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