Pre-Course Reflections

To be honest I was not sure what I was expecting from a class on the uses and effects of media, despite the fact that the course title sums it up. I just looked at the course as a requirement for graduation. Then I get to class and the professor tells us we will not be having exams and instead will be keeping up with a blog in their place. I do not know about the rest of you but I was pretty excited.

In addition to no exams and creating a blog, I am now optimistic about this class and what I will be learning for the remaining semester. Sure we use media and of course it effects us, but how and why? The media is everywhere we go. My net book and cellphone keep me constantly “plugged in” so in a literal sense it is everywhere I go. But it is more. Media is on the tv we watch, in the newspaper we read, on the billboards we pass while driving. All of this media impacts us one way or another.

Recently, literally 4 weeks ago recently, my husband broke his leg and is unable to walk around much, let alone work, so he spends most of his day watching the Food Network, by the time I get home from school or work, he’s already concocting the perfect hamburger or pecan pie recipe.

My husband is using the tv (ie. the media)  for entertainment and it is effecting him. He cannot just watch Man Vs. Food stuff his face for a chance to get his picture on the Hall of Fame cork board, no, my husband wants that steak. Which in turn tends to tell us what we are having for dinner that evening.

I use media and it effects me every day. Going into this class, I’m curious to find out what happens next.


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