Media Scares

"The Tale of the Dead Man's Float"

Okay, so I did not do much scary tv-watching as a child. Sure I had seen the classics like The Wizard of Oz and The Little Mermaid, as well as Drop Dead Fred and Babar, but I was never afraid of these programs. That is until I got older and all of a sudden Chucky was no longer a silly doll, Chucky was crazy and I had a doll that bore a striking resemblance. Only her name was Megan.

As I got older the more I was allowed to watch the same shows that my older cousin was allowed to see. One program in particular that I only recently stopped being afraid of was an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? where a high school had been built over a cemetery that had been re-located to accommodate the school and they had missed one of the bodies. The corpse then proceeded to haunt the pool. Needless to say I was too afraid to swim in a pool for years. I would wait for my cousins to swim for a while before I even ventured over to the steps. Let the spirit get them first, all the better for me. 🙂

Fortunately I overcame my fears. However, very similar to the Theory of Excitation Transfer that the book refers to, I seek out thrills. I have a friend that loves horror movies. She loves to be afraid. I am not like that. I like going to Haunted Houses, participating in high-adrenaline activities like Bungee-Jumping, but I will not watch scary movies outside of psychological thrillers. The reason for my one-but-not-the-other mentality is this, the things I have even a small amount of control over do not scare. It is the part where I have no control that scares me.

Despite knowing these things I still run up every set of stairs.


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