Face-ism is based on “the tendency to represent people in terms of their face or head as opposed to their body.” Until this class I did not even notice this phenomenon. It upsets me that as society we have become so used to things like face-ism that we are unaware they even exist. Take for example these two works of art… John William Waterhouse completed Ophelia in 1894, while Escher completed a self portrait in 1929. I chose these works based on my preference for these artists. Even so, just looking at these images we can see how face-ism works. Ophelia is a fragile woman, seated by lily pads, seductive and innocent. Escher is portrays himself serious and contemplative of his surroundings.

Why are women more often shown depicted using a medium and long shots and men are depicted using close-ups?

This is the kind of question face-ism asks. And the answer is because it how it has been done for centuries.   Speaking in terms of a feminist, face-ism is a form of sexism. Women are depicted in magazines, photographs and art the way they are because of the cultural norm. Men are perceived through the images as intelligent, driven, successful, whereas women the concern is with her beauty and less on her brains.

These are the sorts of things that need to be changed. Society is coming into an era where issues such as face-ism need to be a thing of the past. There needs to be equality for everyone. It all starts with one person.







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