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Topic: How does children’s programming affect their school readiness?

Boudrea states research from Grant and Brown (1986) that “found that in comparing early readers and nonreading kindergartners, early readers were significantly more likely than nonreaders to have caregivers who read magazines and newspapers, watched more television, and provided more help in areas related to learning to read” (Boudreau, 2005, p. 35).

Using open-ended questions, the results from the questionnaire showed higher statistics for typically developed children over learning impaired children over the assessment of early literacy skills (Boudreau, 2005).

Based on the results of the study children with a learning impairment watched significantly more television and videos per week than typically developed children, however the trips to the library were nearly identical, with only a .10 deviation. The results also showed that learning impaired children began reading on average eight months after typically developed children did.


Boudreau, D. (2005). Use of a parent questionnaire in emergent and early literacy assessment of preschool children.Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools, 36(1), 33-47.      Retrieved from


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  1. drerinryan
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 10:55:50

    Good! With your reference, since you have all the required elements (volume, issue, page #), you don’t need to include the web address as well. Also, use direct quotes sparingly! I’d rather have you paraphrase.


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