Hi my name is Tiffany! I am a senior at Kennesaw State University, finally! I plan to graduate May 2012, but that date may be extended for the inclusion of a summer course if something goes wrong this semester or next. Gotta have a plan b, just in case. I make lists and have back-up plans for my back-up plans. I am majoring in Communications and minoring in Marketing. At this moment I would like to work in marketing research for a company that is entering emerging markets.

Let’s see I am currently a nanny for twins and while that might scare some folks, I love my job and have found I prefer caring for twins than children of varying ages. As of this past July I have been married for two years. My husband and I currently live in Kennesaw.

When I am not at school or working I love to go see my friends in Atlanta and explore art galleries, watch movies, and throw vegan food parties. Our last vegan cupcake night was a great success! I also love trying foods from different countries, this summer I discovered Korean BBQ and Shoju!

Well that is all I have got for now. Thanks for reading!

Tiffany Lempesis


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